''ayothi movie review''

 Ayothi is a moving film directed by Mandhira Moorthy that tells the story of a family from Ayodhya who embarks on a spiritual trip to Rameswaram. However, the journey takes an unexpected turn and transforms the life of one of the family members.

The film is a testament to the power of human values and emotions, and it succeeds in captivating the viewers with its touching narrative. Although the film takes a melodramatic approach, it manages to leave a lasting impression on its audience by addressing various issues such as religion, superstitions, and chauvinistic attitudes of men.

What sets Ayothi apart from other films is its simplicity. The director skillfully keeps the plot straightforward without introducing too many characters, events, or subplots. We are quickly introduced to a family of four from Ayothi, consisting of a religious patriarch named Yashpal Sharma, his mistreated wife, and their two children, Shivani and a young boy. On the occasion of Deepavali, they decide to go on a spiritual trip to Rameswaram, but the trip takes a turn for the worse when Janki, the mother of the two children, suffers serious injuries in an accident.

What follows is a heart-wrenching story of the two children's sufferings at the hands of their extremely religious father and how Sasikumar and his friend, Pugazh, help them take their mother's dead body back to their hometown. Debutant director Mandhira Moorthy's craft is powerful enough to hold the audience's attention throughout the film. The characters and dialogue are well-etched and kept as real as possible.

Sasikumar's heroism is subtle, and his character beautifully travels along with the story. The film is full of heartwarming moments that showcase the protagonist's transformation in a touching way. Preethi Asrani's performance as Shivani is exceptional, and the director has rightly used close-up shots to highlight her acting skills. Pugazh's character role is a refreshing change from his usual comedic roles, and he has done justice to the character.

Yashpal Sharma's portrayal of a man with conservative and chauvinistic attitudes is convincing, and his act towards the climax is commendable. Sasikumar has played his role well and fits in perfectly. The film's background score composed by NT Raghunanthan elevates the emotional sequences, helping the viewers connect with the characters on screen many times. The other technical aspects, such as Madhesh Manickam's cinematography, are decent enough to hold the audience's attention.

In conclusion, Ayothi is a touching film that emphasizes the importance of love over religion. The film's simple yet powerful narrative and well-etched characters make it a must-watch for those who enjoy emotionally-driven cinema.

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